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"I find peace
in knowing
there's unity
in feeling broken"

- Darby Sabin

   "Together We Try"

At a young twenty-three, Wilton's homegrown girl has taken her songs born in the Foothills of Western Maine to international audiences. While she's been performing live since her adolescence, Darby Sabin graduated from Berklee College of Music and promptly made her official introduction to the world as a recording artist with her July 2022 soul-baring debut EP Throne of Thorns. This musical diary details mistrials, mourning, and the hope that ensued despite her desolation during the hardest times of her life. The emotional journey of Throne of Thorns captured the attention of listeners throughout the globe, enabling her to take the songs on a European Tour in November 2022. Since then, she has been performing throughout the Northeastern US with her ever-strengthening band Darby Sabin & Friends. Their Winter 2023 Sick of Shoveling Tour took them throughout New England and to The Bitter End in New York City with special guests and sit-ins galore. Performances with Cyril Neville, Tom Constanten, Oteil Burbridge, Steve Kimock, Wally Ingram, Aaron Comess, Craig Dreyer & more marked March 2023 as the start to a new world of opportunity for Darby and her "Friends". From playing clunky notes at the kitchen table to sharing stages with her heroes, Darby's journey has reached a place of boundless growth and limitless potential.


-Bill Harriman

      SoundWaves Magazine

-Andre Cormier

        Adriot Artist Interview

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